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The Made in Kitchener project team would like to thank the men and women who contributed their stories to the Industrial Artifacts oral history collection. A special thank you goes to those whose interviews have been used to create the audio portions of this walking tour:

Bonnie Bunnett
Robert Cruikshank
Gerard Dietrich
Jean Dietrich
Albert Fauchere
Norma Hauss
Diane Hinschberger
Nicholas Rees
Richard La’Haie
Marion Nuxoll
Orville Thacker

Original interviews were conducted for the Industrial Artifacts project by Betty Reinders and Veronica Ross, with the exception of the interview with Albert Fauchere conducted by Nicholas Rees and Erina Harris.

We would also like to thank the members of the project advisory group for their thoughtful guidance and insights:

  • Nicholas Rees, founder of the Industrial Artifacts Project
  • Caroline Oliver, Director of Development & Marketing, Kitchener Waterloo Art Gallery
  • Scott Kobewka, Master of Arts student at the University of Waterloo Critical Media Lab

Special thanks to the City of Kitchener Communication Department for the design and editing of the walking tour guide and location markers.

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