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About us

Latitudes and Longitudes is a joint digital storytelling project between Latitudes Storytelling Festival and Dwight Storring, a digital media artist. The project has three fundamental goals:

  1. To stimulate and facilitate the creation of personal stories from Waterloo Region’s neighbourhoods.
  2. To present and preserve these stories in a digital format to be used for the benefit of the community and the world.
  3. To leave behind a grassroots framework for story creation, gathering and telling in the neighbourhoods where the project conducts its work.
2011 Project Funding from

Latitudes Storytelling Festival is a charitable organization that seeks to increase the public’s understanding and appreciation for the art of storytelling; to provide diverse programming for adults and children that includes spoken word, music, theatre, visual arts and image; to create local partnerships that help us provide an environment, in public places, through which the stories of our immediate community can be told, as well as sharing stories from around the world; and to host an annual storytelling festival in Waterloo region, free to the public, hosted by the K-W Multicultural Festival.

Dwight Storring is a digital media artist and playwright. His work was performed at Asphalt Jungle Shorts VI, June 2010. He was a resident artist at Theatre and Company during the 2005-06 season. He has worked as a photojournalist and website editor for the Waterloo Region Record and was Journalist in Residence at the University of Waterloo in 2005 where he designed and delivered a third-year course – Journalism in a Digital Age: Multimedia Storytelling.

His work focuses on the storytelling aspect with less emphasis on the technology and is based on the pioneering work of the Center for Digital Storytelling – California and BBC’s groundbreaking work on the Capture Wales series.

Recent Workshops

Community Arts Ontario One-day Workshop – June 2010 – Building Community Narratives Through Multimedia Storytelling. The results of this workshop can be seen in our “Learn More About Digital Storytelling” section and you can read more about it on Dwight’s blog.

Voices from House of Friendship – Fall 2010 – Working with four storytellers from the agency’s women’s addiction program, Dwight led them through the discovery their personal stories about living with and overcome addiction.
House of Friendship is now using these stories to build awareness of its programming and support its coming capital campaign for a new facility for addiction services.

inReach Youth Gang Prevention Program: Lead Your Life Digital Storytelling Project – January-March 2011 – An 8-week workshop to produce a collection of stories with inReach program participants. The workshop explored the things participants wanted to stop, start and continue doing with their lives.

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