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This is a great entranceway to my first job as a hippiesque program co-ordinator at the YWCA’s Tunnel In Coffee House. It was located a 1/2 block from the city hall that this bell tower sat on and rang!
We decided we needed a Community Picnic on Victoria Park Island. So hundreds of people gathered to socialize and listen to bands like Spott Farm, Poverty Train, Stone Church, Oasis, Johnny And The Stark Nakeds and Kit Carson.
Johnathan & Danny Kramer & Darrel Martin, Joe Hall, Robin & Carol & John, Tim Wynne Jones, Doug Biggs, Ed Koenig and other folk, blues, pop, rock, new music, jazz, classical and country musicians were also starting their careers. (google J. Richard Hutt, Poor Charlie, Beverlie Robertson, John Oswald, Carol Wainio, Greg Kozak and Scrap Metal Arts to see where some of their creativity took them.)
Audience members included students, factory workers, teachers, mechanics, store clerks, poets, woodworkers, artists, farmers, etc. who would go on to make great things. Some made laws in Ottawa, some made car parts, wrote award winning novels, made sausages, costumes, new music compositions, films, photographs, furniture, musical instruments, etc. and most importantly: families.
And one phone call on a rotary dial phone by a long-haired wildly dressed eighteen year old to the head of the Kitchener Parks Department (Located in the Pavilion), some posters (Not “postings”) and a lot of word of mouth and …we had ourselves a picnic… and we had a community!

Jeffrey Beckner

June 23, 2012

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