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Walking Directions to Stop 3

June 22, 2012

From the location marker with Benton St. on your left, walk to the intersection and turn left on Courtland Ave.

As you walk west, on your right you will see the Nelson Terrace rowhouses; built in 1889 for women working at a nearby shirt factory.

Proceed along Courtland Ave. to Queen St. and turn right, where you will find another historically designated building, the former Vogelsang Button Factory. The factory, currently part of the Bread and Roses Housing Cooperative, was built in 1879.

Continue along Queen St., taking note of the seven-storey York apartments, Kitchener’s first apartment block built in 1928. Cross Charles St. and continue on Queen St..

The former Kitchener auditorium was located in this block. In 1938, the Auditorium Gardens was converted from a hockey arena to a dancehall, sadly the gardens burned to the ground on Jan. 10, 1948.

Continue walking on Queen St. S. towards King St. and turn right on King St. E. until you find the third marker midway along the block. Look across King St. E. and you will see the former F.W. Woolworth Store.

Next stop co-ordinates N 043° 26.965, W 080° 29.288

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